but an encapsulation of your journey as a couple

What if your wedding film wasn’t just a collection of snippets from the day

These moments anchor your commitment to each other, defining the depth of your relationship and the unique bond you share.  I help you reflect on the moments that showcase the heartbeat of your relationship - crafting your love story into a keepsake documentary film you can pass on for generations.  


Your relationship has been a journey

Meet your storyteller

The couples I work with don’t want cookie-cutter wedding films; they want a keepsake as unique as they are. When we start working together, I invest time and effort into getting to know you both, your personalities, and your hopes and dreams so that I can create an experience film that reflects you and tells your story with honesty and heart. 

I also get how intimidating it can be to sit in front of a camera while being asked to open up and share stories that are somewhat vulnerable. (If that’s you - don’t worry. We actually don’t use the camera during that part.)

My process is all about making you feel relaxed and at ease so you can feel like the two of you are hanging out with a friend. I'll guide you every step of the way so that you can be fully present in the moment and fully enjoy the experience.

The result is a film that captures the true essence of your love story. A film that feels like your own personalized documentary that you can look back on for years and think, "Through it all, this is us."

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It's easy to become lost in the rush of wedding preparations and, in doing so, lose sight of the bigger picture. Traditional wedding films tend to focus on the highlights of your wedding day, and while they create a collection of details and moments for you to remember, they often leave out the most important aspect - the reason behind it all. My approach is about bringing the heart of your relationship to the forefront. It's about capturing the essence of your journey together - the ups and downs, the challenges and triumphs - and weaving them into a narrative that truly celebrates the reasons why you've chosen to spend the rest of your lives together.

Focus on the why behind your wedding.

That narrative component is the heart of all of my films. Recorded with the camera off but the microphone on, the three of us sit back and unpack your journey – the first time you noticed each other, why you went on the second date, how your love has evolved over time …and so much more. It’s a casual, informal conversation where we share laughs, drinks, and snacks to intentionally create space for you to be real, honest, and authentic. This narrative then becomes the foundation for a film that showcases your story, featuring the unique aspects of who you are and the love you share.

Reflect and remember the story of your relationship.

The most impactful stories are the ones that touch our hearts and stir our souls. They draw us in, connecting us with the characters and their struggles as we become fully invested in their journey. Similarly, when you pause to reflect on the moments that have shaped your relationship, a beautiful story of growth emerges. It’s this story that lies at the heart of your wedding film - a moving and immersive experience that not only showcases the highlights of your day but serves as a powerful tool for you and your loved ones to reconnect with the sights, sounds, and emotions of your journey.

Create a living memory of your journey.

A slightly unconventional wedding film process

Narrative-driven Relationship-centered

“The whole experience of working with Josh was incredible; we couldn’t be happier. We watch our wedding video all the time and it takes us right back to our wedding day.”

"We watch our wedding video back all the time and it takes us right back to our wedding day."

Instead, let it be a moving experience that captures the depth of your story, the beauty of your journey, and the spirit of your commitment to each other. 

Let your wedding film be more than just a highlight reel of your day. 

"You captured our story incredibly well. From the words shared to the visual storytelling, the final product is beyond what I could have ever imagined!”

"the final product is beyond what i could have ever imagined!"

Documenting the story that began long before

Capturing the feeling of your wedding day