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Videographer and photographer documenting adventurous weddings and real love stories in cinematic style

You tell me the story you know by heart – I’ll turn it into a film you never forget.

Non-traditional wedding films for free-spirited couples

Whether you’re creating an intentional space to celebrate with your favorite people or planning a getaway adventure elopement, I help you document the day while telling the story of your relationship in a way that’s intentional, true to you, and authentically encapsulates all the beautiful chapters of the journey you’ve shared so far. No matter where life leads, you’ll have a treasured keepsake that can transport you back to this moment and remind you again and again why you’re together and why it’s worth it.

Your wedding is a unique moment in time to pause, reflect, and look back on for years to come.


Remember the feelings and special moments of your wedding day with a highlight story film.

Highlight Story Film

Reflect on your journey of falling in love with a documentary encapsulation of your wedding celebration.

Documentary Experience Film

Relive the story of your relationship captured and told in an adventure setting of your choice.

Adventure Documentary Experience Film



“We recommend Josh to everybody. Not only does he love what he does, but he loves his clients and treats you like you’re his best friend. He makes you feel appreciated and heard, and he’s genuinely a great person to work with.”

What's unique about my process is how I approach your film's structure. Rather than focusing on the traditional elements found in most wedding films, I help you focus on what makes your day uniquely yours - your love for each other and the journey you’ve been on to get to this special day. I’ll be with you every step of the way - while giving you the space you need - to guide you, celebrate with you, and create a keepsake of your love story that’s not just a recap of your wedding day but also a monument to your journey for you to cherish for years to come.

For nearly a decade, I've helped couples capture not only the visuals of their wedding day but also focus on the reason why they’re having a wedding to begin with - the story of their relationship and the wonder of their journey together.


"Josh doesn’t make a pretty wedding video or document the day - he tells your story. People who watch our video will get a sense of us. I cry every time I watch it because it’s literally reliving our story and how much love we have for each other."

“It’s literally reliving the story of how much love we have for each other.”

Feel overwhelmed by wedding planning? I've got you. This guide will help you re-think priorities, plan with purpose, and craft a day full of intentional moments and unforgettable memories.

Designed to help you re-focus on what matters

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